My Trip to the OTHER woman's house

I called the numbers and of course, got the run-around. I happened to find out where she lived because of the letter she wrote him and one day, I decided to go over there. What in the heck was I thinking? The truth be told, I wasn't thinking. I was one desperate woman. I wanted to confront her, in a nice way, and find out why she was not leaving us in peace. I wanted to plead with her to leave us alone. So, I went there. I couldn't tell if she was home or not, because she didn't drive, didn't own a car and her work was right around the corner from her house. This was about a 20 or 22 min drive from my own house, but still close enough. I was going to ask her to please quit calling. I mean, we had a family and I couldn't understand why she didn't respect that.

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