What About The Children?

I would really like to know what possessed him to think that he could have his cake and eat it too? What about the kids? This was an extremely important question in my mind. Do I stay with him so that the children could have a dad? My kids, to be quite honest, were very happy. Even my grown children who would come with their children to visit were happy. I had picked out a wonderfully older home with plenty of space, so when they came, there was plenty of room to stay. He was always working, so he was in and out a bunch. The kids were happy in the fact that they were going to school with all of their friends, and the location of our house was good too. There was plenty of room for bike riding and the grocery store was within seeing distance so it was a quick drive as well. Sometimes when you are going through many ups and downs, you don't always see anything but what you are going through. I had to be very watchful because not only was I having to go through his infidelity, I had to go to work as well.....I had to cook, I had to wash clothes, I had to tend to my children, school stuff and manage all of his books on his business. I had to make sure that everything got done, even though I was trying to deal with infidelity but still I wanted to know why didn't he think about our family first?

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