Another Letter From " The Other Woman"

Not only was she calling, she wrote him another letter that told him of undying love, and how she would never give up on him. She told him that I came to her house but she didn't answer the door. Aw!!! She was actually home when I went to her house. She wrote to him as though he was feeling "stuck" with me. What?? I didn't understand. HE was the one who begged and begged me to come back. So why was she stating in her letter for him to just hold on and bear it out because she would NEVER go with another man and she would wait for however long it took for him to come back to her. I couldn't understand what was going on here. Was he feeding her a line too or was he planning on going back to her? She wanted him to try and keep me calm and unsuspecting so he could still be with her. What posesses a man to carry on this way? This was a question I will never have an answer to.

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Anonymous said...

all I can tell you is that no one knows... but even women do the same thing. so either let him go or give him one more chance which if he breaks save yourself the pain.