How Time Flies

It has been such a long time in writing, and I am sorry about not updating. There have been so many things happening in my life as of late and it has kept me very occupied. For one thing, I have gotten re-married. YES, it was hard to start over, especially after going through infidelity with my ex and learning that I CAN trust once again. But, it's a good thing, the starting over part, because now I can have love in my life. Many people start all over again before the infidelity is in their past, and I can actually say that I think that I remarried before I got over all of my past. Yes, I did, and now that I have admitted that, I will say that it was hard, because I was having to learn to trust someone again. I think that since my new hubby is a totally different kind of guy, it wasn't really too hard to trust again, but I had to get past my past and THAT was hard. Learning to love again is something that most all of us can accomplish, even after infidelity.

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