Learning After All These Years

As the days go by, weeks turn into months and next thing you know, it's been years since I had to go through the cheating heartbreak with my now-ex. To this day I have never gotten an answer as to why, so I have stopped looking for the answer. I feel like I wasted alot of time with that man. Why did I hang on so long? And why couldn't I have seen that he was no good for me once I caught him cheating? I honestly loved him and I believe that's why I held on so long. For a long time I truly believed that he was my everything. I felt like he was my soulmate, but I was wrong...and after all this time, I finally see that. Time is the key to many things, many thoughts and many feelings. I once thought that I would not be able to make it without him, but I proved myself wrong. I am so very happy now and I know that there is life AND love past the partner who cheated. I have also discovered that my now-ex hasn't changed....yes, he still cheats on his current girlfriend and he hasn't discovered what it is to be a good and loving father because our daughter is grown now and he still never calls. To sum it all up, there are some people out there who just will NOT cheat and then there are some who will, no matter how hard it hurts someone else.

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