What Makes A Person Cheat On Their Partner?

Through all the days that I went through infidelity of my now-ex husband, I wondered WHY!!!!!  It took me forever to get past the questions and not receiving any answers...and well, it's been years and I still never got his answer as to why he put me and our family through this.  It won't take away the tears if you find the answer because it hurts just as much as if you don't know, but thinking back, I think that different people have different reasons why they cheat on their mate.
In my situation, I was more than willing to go the distance and did everything in my power to please. I left no stone unturned and when I tried, I tried with everything I had. IT did not work. Honestly, in my situation, I am left to wonder if it was something within himself that he had been searching for that he didn't feel that I addressed. I knew that he had a different upbringing than I and  I knew that he and I had a bit of a problem with communication.He was not a communicator.  I still felt like those things shouldn't have brought on his infidelities. I look at the past and see that the women that he cheated on me with were NOT prettier than me, didn't offer anything different than I did as far as work and support, they didn't have more money, but they DID have a need.  They were needier than I was. They didn't have cars, neither one of them and they NEEDED his help. I was self sufficient, I was the one who did for myself....not that it was wrong, because it's not...but HE must have felt the need to help these women. And most likely, one of the two he was with spoke his language. It was something within himself that wasn't able to work things out with me....it was NOT MY FAULT.....so, with that being said, if you are going through your partner's infidelity, it's most likely going to be something within themselves that's causing them to be cheating. You can do everything right, and if they have something going on within, there's nothing that you can do but try to work things out or walk out. Life is very precious and you never know what's going to happen in your future, but never blame yourself for what has happened because it's something that comes from the other person. Work on yourself, take time to do things for YOU....and always remember that it takes TWO to work things out.


Eat My Scabs said...

yeah, sometimes I still scream the unanswerable question into my pillow at night...WHY????

it makes no fathomable sense.

Foolish Woman said...

I may not often comment but I do read and appreciate your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award.

Alex said...

I have cheated, quite a few times, and I've thrown away possibly the best thin in my life, but it was never her fault. She was perfect and there were no real problems with us. I did it because I am a fool and have a lot of issues. I don't know if it applies to you, but I thought you might like to know.

My blog is written from the other side, of me coming to terms with what I've done and how I can move on, so it never happens again. It may help, you never know!

Anonymous said...

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