Time and The Healing Process of Infidelity

Time sure seems to help ease the pain, especially when you've been through the pain and heartache of infidelity and cheating from your partner/spouse. There used to be times in my life that I thought that I was living in a soap opera type of existance. I didn't like it, but it just seemed like there were so many ups and downs, and alot of arguing and crying my eyes out. One minute I thought that we would be okay and things would kind of sort themselves out, and the next minute, I was upset all over again. Was it my hormones working over time? I know NOW that I did NOT deserve all the crud that he put me through, but at THAT particular time in my life, I wondered what I did wrong and why our mariage was SOOOO off course. Why would a married man---and in particular MY spouse, want to go out with another woman, when he already had ME at home? So many questions went through my mind, and NOW I understand that those questions will never have an answer. If he didn't want to be with me in the first place, why didn't he just tell me? I guess he was just comfortable living with me, and playing with her.  Well, now that it's been years ago, I am happy that I no longer have to wonder about his wear-abouts...now it's time for his OW to worry !

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Jan Stevens said...

Focusing on healing yourself should be your main priority now, and realizing that some of your questions about his infidelity may never be answered is a step in the right direction.