Our Daughter's Going To Graduate? Will He Show Up?

Now it's winding down close in time for our daughter to graduate from high school....she even got the invitations in a few days ago. While we were going through the list of who are going to get the invitations, of course, she wanted to give one to her dad. I am honestly ALL for it !  The only problem is...will he even come? When it came time for her quinceanera several years ago, he didn't even show up. I wonder if he is going to pull the same trick again. I certainly hope that by this time, he will go, even if it's just to show up in time for her name to be called. This will be the last time that she will invite him to a function before she turns from her to adulthood. I want to call him and discuss this with him, in the hopes that he will come see her, but I am wondering if I should or not???  What would you do?


Author Of My Story said...

New reader here. Forgive me if your question was rhetorical.
If there is any chance the conversation could go awry, I wouldn't call. But I would send him an email or text to let him know I think it is important that he attend. I would send him a polite message, and leave it at that. He can make his own choices.
Best wishes.

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