And He Decides To Call Me NOW !!!

And here I sit, after my series of how to get over the agony of infidelity, and guess who calls me? Yes, it was the ex-husband, right out of the blue.  I know that he doesn't have a clue about my blog, as he doesn't even know how to operate a computer, and I have never given his name.....he just called to tell me that he wanted to hear my voice because he hadn't heard from me in a while.....WHAT?  What is he thinking? After all this time, he decides to call just to hear the sound of my voice? Maybe he's thinking that if he's nice to me, that I will return, but it's been WAY TOO LONG.  There's no way that I can ever turn around. Life for me is good. I am a very strong person now and I am very happy with my life. I'm sure that he's still with his other woman, and he probably called me while she wasn't around, but it just doesn't work for me. He even asked about our daughter. Wow...wonders never cease, do they?  And just to think, after all he has put me through, I didn't even cry. YAY!

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Surviving Infidelity said...

Sometimes, Debbie, the only direction is onward, and that's a one-way street. What's the old saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, you know the rest. We aren't responsible for our partner's betrayal, but we responsible for how we respond and for what we put ourselves through. Congratulations on your new life.