Soon To Follow.....5-Part Series On How I Got Over The Agony Of Infidelity

I will be starting a 5-part series of  how I got over the agony of infidelity. I know that everyone will go through their journey differently, and some of us will mend quicker than others. It took me such a long time that it felt like an eternity. Loving someone and being in a committed relationship is supposed to be  a wonderful experience, but it isn't easy when your spouse/partner decides to cheat.  What are the ways you can make things better? If you both decide to work on it, then it CAN be done. But if you are the only one working on a marriage, or a committed relationship, then it doesn't really work. Do what you have to do for yourself. And know, that you cannot make your spouse/partner do what you want them to do....they must do it because they want to.

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