Child Support and A Teen

These days just seem to go so fast, and my daughter is maturing every day. She is now 16 and even though she's tiny and thin, she EATS so much! She is a very smart young lady, very caring and very thoughtful. Her father sends her child support every month, although it is always mid-month before we get it. He just doesn't seem to understand that it goes to pay for the things that SHE needs. It's not about me anymore, it's about her! What doesn't he understand about having a daughter? It's not about child support only, it's about spending time with her and calling her to see how she's doing. I know that the money helps, but where's his heart? Where is the man she calls "dad"? I know that he is with the other woman now, and lives with her too, but why can't he find a few precious moments to come see our daughter, or at least call her? She has her own cell phone, he knows the number. She is driving now too, but he hasn't bothered to even ask her to meet him somewhere, let alone come here to see her. I just don't get it and it really makes me sad!


Anonymous said...

It is sad! My ex-dead-beat sperm deposit is a good-for-nothing selfish alcoholic who has never paid his child support or bothered to try and find out how *our daughter is doing. In fact, he is owes over 14k in back child support.

I finally broke down and wrote to CSE in our state AND the attorney general to see what we can do about it because *our child is not a child any more. I feel like this case will never be closed!

Whatever you do don't bad-mouth him to your daughter and don't participate in discussions about him unless and if she brings it up. Keep your opinions to yourself with regard to what kind of time he is spending with her.

The writing is on the wall and she will figure out what kind of person he is all by herself.

Debbie said...

it is very sad.... I would never say anything bad about him to her because that is something she needs to discover for herself. She pretty much knows how he is, but I still keep quiet about it to her because he is her father and will always remain so. sad, but true