Are You Staying With Him For Your Children?

I stayed with my ex for way much longer than I should have, of course, I can say this that I am on the other side of things. Going through infidelity really hits hard, and I can say, it honestly does have an impact on the entire family. My daughter was young and she didn't know what was going on because I held my tears a good portion of the time, and my son was old enough to figure out what was happening because he was a teen. My ex never "yelled" but when he got mad, he would say extremely bad things to me, call me names and said things that are hard to repeat. I tried not confronting him when the kids were home because I didn't want them to hear how he was, however, there were times when HE started in on me, trying to get out of the house by getting me upset, so he got out of the house whenever he wanted. Why did I stay with him? I wanted my family intact. I shouldn't have stayed with him for that reason.....well, and I loved him too so it was hard facing the fact that he had another woman. It was much harder being a family when he honestly didn't want to be there. He wanted to be with her, and that was all he thought about. He was in and out so much that he made it hard to go out as a family. I found out it was heartbreaking for me to stay with him when he didn't want to work things out. Are you staying to keep the family together?

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Blabbable Secrets said...

I was married for the 1st time at the young and tender age of 21. I was legally separated from him 4 years later and legally divorced 5 years later. Infidelity was only a partial reason. Leaving him early on was the best decision I ever made. He has responsibility issues. He also has substance abuse issues. The only good thing that came from the relationship was my daughter. I would say that it's not a good idea to stick it out when the other person is not invested in the family that they helped to create. I don't think it's good for the kids. Getting out when I did was a huge blessing!