What Is Becoming Of Marriage These Days?

I don't know but everytime I see in the news, someone is cheating on someone else and it's just gotten to the point that I am wondering what has happened to the vows of marriage. Doesn't a vow mean anything anymore? Do we not care about what we do to our partner, and our family? Or could it be that the news is just telling us more about what we didn't talk about in our grandparents day? To marry someone means that you are giving them a promise, not only to love and honor them, but to be faithful as well. Do we just relax once we get married and forget about what our partners really need?

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Anonymous said...

Have you read the book, "The Monogamy Myth". It is really great. I am married to the love of my life and even though he sometimes suffers from depression and there was some distance in my marriage. I did not think that our problems would involve cheating. My husband visited an Asian Massage Parlor for a month. He had been going to a massage parlor infrequently over the past decade and getting a massage and then having the "happy ending" when it was finished. He never told me about it. Then a few months ago, on his way to this spa, he went to another one that was full service. He had sex with three different Asian prostitutes and then became remorseful (and also didn't want to continue spending $200 a pop) and told me. He has been saying and doing all the right things. But I am so torn up. I wish I had known how to better protect my marriage. I would get that book thought, it really talks about how society supports affairs of all kinds and how to cope and rebuild self esteem afterwards.