It Takes Two

oh, I just get so angry when I look back upon all my trauma, having lived with a man who thought he could cheat on me and get away with it....actually, he did get away with it for a while, that while that I was trying to find out what was actually going on with him and with who! I don't know why it mattered who he was seeing but I think I was curious to see what the other woman looked like. Finding out the appeal that she had for him and why he was so into someone else. He married me, not her, so what did she have that I didn't? I honestly thought for a long time that this was why he didn't want me.....really, he DID want me, but he wanted her too. He was not honoring our marriage vows. But I did eventually discover that it wasn't all about who SHE was him. He was the one who went to see her. Yes, she called him, begged him to go see her but in the end, it was HIM that contributed just as much to their affair. I finally discovered, it wasn't only her, but it was him too. Which boils down to the fact that it takes two...not only in a marriage, but in an affair.

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Marry said...

I too am going through a divorce due to a cheating husband. I actually contacted the girl and through conversation found that he painted me as an awful person. In the end I forgave her and never spoke ill of her, I gave her my forgiveness because HE married me and promised to honor me, not HER. So how could I stay angry at her when it was him that was suppose to stay true to me. It helped me to show that I was capable of moving on and not carrying the anger with me. Of course, I am still working through all the emotions and feelings and hope to one day come to terms with what my husband gave to me.