Are You Getting What You Want From Your Relationship?

Everyone wants and deserves to have a great relationship...are you getting what you want from it? What things are most important to you? I think that  being able to trust your partner, respect is also way up high on the list of things for me. Being able to have the respect shows you that they honestly care about your feelings. I can remember a time when my ex used to be very loving towards me, and things were good....but towards the end of things, he began calling me names, humiliating me in front of others (especially my family) and I was always feeling terribly low about myself. I think that sometimes this kind of thing starts when there's an argument and people often say things that really hurt, only because they want to hurt the other person. I know that there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to argue....wished he would have gotten it.
Other things important to a relationship is being able to talk things out.  Very important.  Being able to be with someone that has pretty much the same values that you do, is also huge on my list. What are yours?


Poetic Zest said...

I wanted someone who shared my values, likes and dislikes to a point, and someone I knew. Really knew.

Signs are always there, so I wanted to make sure I looked for the good and bad signs. I know my cautious behavior, and finally giving my everything to someone paid off.

I wanted trust, respect, commonalities, and love. I waited for my soul mate, nothing less, and I wait no more.

I'm sorry to hear about your ex and his treatment towards you.

Foolish Woman said...

I agree that the most important part of any relationship is trust - and respecting your partner and yourself are pretty high up the list too.

Sydney Price said...

I think it is important to understand that when someone calls you names and tries to make you look bad in front of others, it almost never has anything to do with you. There is a deeper problem there that the insulting partner isn't confronting or acknowledging. It may not have been your arguing style, it might have been him lashing out because he didn't know how to handle himself any other way. While we all make mistakes and say things we don't mean, you shouldn't beat yourself up. You are a wonderful & strong person to confront how you were feeling and your actions and try to change them for future relationships.

Debbie said...

thankyou so much for your comments on this post.....I love having feedback

Anonymous said...

I think you pose a very important question. We should be in relationships that aid/complement our personal growth, opposed to diminshing our energy and compromising our self-esteem. I think sharing "like" values is important because it helps to blend our world views. An example: Does your partner view cheating as something different than you? Does your partner see public humiliation as nothing more than a joke? A lot of people are not getting what they expected out of a relationship but variables such as children, financial ties, and societal pressures are somewhat responsible for the reason they stay.

Anonymous said...

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Debbie said...

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