The Dating World Seems So Scarey Sometimes

So, how do you actually start getting back out into the dating world again?  That seems to be a large question but not sure about the answers. How do you know when it's time? I guess that all depends on how quick you actually get over your past situation and how soon you think that you are ready to jump in.
1. online dating is one option that works for many...just be careful here that you don't end up with someone like your ex.
2. meeting someone through your friends or family...might be an option as well. Just ask your friends not to set you up with someone that has alot of bad habits though.
3. public places, such as ball games, volunteering, social outtings. 
4. through the work place, but not in the circumstances where they don't allow in-work dating.
5. grocery stores, malls, bowling alleys, etc.
There are so many places to meet new people. My suggestion would be to take it slowly, take your time getting to know the other person before jumping in head first.
Even though I knew my ex husband VERY well, obviously, I didn't know him well enough.


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Foolish Woman said...

Another option for meeting people is to join a club or take up a new sport. Somehow the activity in such places takes the focus off the business of meeting people and makes the whole thing a bit easier.
A friend of mine took up a new sport which has men's teams, women's teams and a mixed team. She's extended her social circle and has the added benefit of now being super-fit.