Does Emotional Cheating Count As Cheating?

We all know that if someone is caught "cheating", that normally means that your husband/wife was having an intimate relationship with someone outside of the marriage, but what about "emotional" cheating? Does that count? Honestly, in my opinion, if your spouse is "talking" to someone of the opposite sex and it's not about trying to make your marriage better, then I see it as a problem. Many people seek advice from a counselor, pastor or friend in hopes to try and make things better when there is a marriage problem, but it shouldn't be to someone of the opposite sex that's just a "friend" when they are spending countless hours away from you and instead of working with you on the problem. Emotionally giving to another person outside of the marriage CAN become a leads to jealousy, mistrust and a wondering of what's being said and if it's an uncountless number of hours upon hours on end, day after day, I see it as becoming close to someone else. Maybe that's my opinion, but I know that this sort of thing can happen and can also get out of control. If you have a problem with your spouse, first of all, please speak to your spouse about it, if that's possible. If not, there are many pastors, friends or a family member, as well as counselors who are willing to listen.

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john said...

Yes, it certainly is a form of cheating, but know that this one often sneaks up on you.

In this age of both partners working and being away from each other for large portions of the day, it is only natural that they will talk with other people. We don't work every minute on most jobs and the chance of finding a friendly person who "helps" by listening to us and "being supportive" is very great.

Before you know it, you are inappropriately close with someone other than your partner and, . . . yes . . . you are committing emotional infidelity.