Sometimes It Takes A Little While To Get Over It All

What a lovely day it is today, not too warm out and the sun is shining brightly......inside I am wanting the joy to come through but for some reason, I feel blue inside. I have been doing sooooo well since he and I parted and went our separate ways but today brings a small piece of rememberance back inside of me...I don't like it nor do I want to dwell on it so I thought that I would write about it so that maybe I can get over it and back on track with my new life. I just want to say here how much that I really wanted our marriage to work out. I wanted our family to be together and I long hoped for that miracle. I remember times when things were good and I thought for just a shining, glimmering moment in life that we were going to be able to work things out. I never wanted to actually give him up to another woman, but I had no choice in the matter because he is the one who made that decision. It was hard for me to learn that I could not make that choice for him. Of all the times that I heard him say " I love you" to me, it wasn't enough to let her go. I have to be stronger than this and let my pain go and learn new ways to make my new life get back on track again. Enough said, I thank you for letting me spill my feelings and I know that things will be alright again for me, I just have to be strong.

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Ex-Mrs Jekyll and Hyde said...

Because your story matches mine so closely I have found it almost too raw to read your blog sometimes and have done so through a veil of tears.

Sometimes, well-meaning people say to a betrayed spouse, "I know how you feel" when actually they DON'T know how the betrayed person feels feels because they have not been betrayed themselves.

Betrayal, especially by your own spouse, is excruciating pain that you feel will never leave you.

I can say with genuine sincerity Debbie that I DO know how you feel and my thoughts are with you tonight.

God Bless,