Has He Suddenly Remembered He Has A Daughter?

Out of the blue, I get a phone call and low and behold, it's from him. Normally when I get a call from him it's all about him......something he needs, or needing my help with one thing or another but this time he was calling about our daughter. I was totally happy that he remembered about her-finally after all this time. He had a picture of a horse that he wanted to give to her and he came over and gave it to her, along with $20. She was, of course, elated that he took time out of his "way-too-busy" schedule to remember her. He was here and gone in a flash, maybe only spending 5 minutes with her, but for him, that's better than what he HAS been giving. This man is able to come and see her, take her out WHENEVER he wants because I have allowed that, being that he is always busy, and the fact that she is now 16. It has been many months since she has seen him or even had a phone call from him. I am now wondering if he is going to finally remember he has a daughter. I hope so!


incessant_din said...

I think it is unconscionable to ignore kids. I understand that it's awkward, but suck it up. There are some commitments that go beyond words spoken in front of a priest or justice of the peace.

Somehow, I doubt that he's decided to be present in her life. I hope that she can not be secure enough to take it too personally. He is the one with the problems.

Anonymous said...

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