He's With The Other Woman, So Why Can't He Give Me Some Peace?

Wev'e not been together in a long time.....he is with his other woman, is happy with her, and even though I don't hardly ever talk to him, he still lets me know that he loves me.....what is that all about? If the man loved me so dearly, he shouldn't have been a repeat cheater, crushing my heart to tiny bits over and over again. He no longer wants the house that he fought me tooth and nail for......now he wants ME to take it over until our daughter is old enough to have it, pay all the taxes, pay HIS back owed monthly payments that have amounted to the total of $3000, And to top it all off, to let him keep his old work truck in the back yard so he can get his work tools out every day so he won't have to go back to where he and his other woman live. He wants convenience, wants me to pay and be able to get his hold back over me again. It's NOT going to happen. I am not going to turn back now. Why on earth would I want to pay all of that for him when I gave him the house, all payments up to date, and even took my name off all the paperwork. He wanted that house soooooooo bad. Why can't he give me any peace? We are done and over with, he has even turned his back on our daughter. I don't think I will EVER figure him out.


Angela (Checkup Today) said...

Have you told your lawyer what he is doing? Your lawyer might be able to help you get this solved. Clearly he has issues and assumes he can just dump on you whenever he wants to.

RY Wireless Headphones said...

Is There a Life After Infidelity?

Whether you have decided to be together or whether you want to be on your own after an event of infidelity, there is always a life after it. It just depends on how you move on from there and how much willing you are to accept reality.

Communication is very important during this phase but you still need the space to think things through. Ask the cheater to move out of the house for about 1-2 weeks so you can evaluate your emotions.

If the cheater has been cheating on you habitually over and over again, then probably the relationship is not worth saving at all. If it’s not the first time your partner has cheated, then it will definitely not be the last. If you decide to take this person back after the recurrent episodes of cheating, then that person might think that he can get away with his actions that easily and will eventually cheat on you again.

You have the other option of looking at your relationship and evaluating whether you are willing to trust your partner again. Rebuilding broken trust is a long and tedious process and both of you should put equal amount of efforts to it. A relationship counselor can greatly help since they are experts in the field and have studied several cases of infidelity before.

If both you and your partner decide to go your separate ways, then think rationally on how everything will end up and how you can divide your shares equally. You have to talk with your partner and establish a closure to your affair so each of you can have a final say.

Also consider whether you want to be friends with that person afterwards. You can’t be friends if you have bad feelings for a person so decide and set the limits to your relationship before breaking it off with your partner.

It is true that time heals all pain so never feel bad about yourself because as true as it may be that it will still hurt in the process of healing; it will never be anywhere near as bad. Do not waste your time crying over someone who doesn’t know you and who obviously doesn’t deserve you.