How Long Does It Take To Get Past Infidelity?

How long do you think that it takes for someone to recover after they've been cheated on? Is it something that you can just brush off your shoulder and move on as though it never happened? For me, it took a very long time, and I mean years. He wanted me to just forget about the other woman that he had been covorting around with and act as if nothing ever happened....wiped out, finished and never to speak about or think of it again, but I just couldn't do it. Believe me, after I got over the initial hurt of my aching heart, it took time for me to get past his much so, that after his first bout of cheating, I divorced him, moved away and nearly a year later went back with him, thinking that maybe he had learned his lesson. I guess that the first time, I felt as if he was sorry enough to never do it again, and I went back, hoping that all of our hurt and pain was done with. After we settled back in together, it wasn't long that it started again. I learned that he was with the same other woman as he was with the first time, as well as another woman. I learned a hard lesson from that man.
I think that it takes different time periods for each of us, depending on all the circumstances and how you are able to deal with it.

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