Letting Go Of The Past

I feel as though I have really walked through a long and hard journey with my ex, and I look back on things and wished that things could have been different. There's nothing wrong with having the house with the white picked fence, a family and harmony in your life. I think that we all strive for that. We look for the good in our spouse, even when they are at their worst. We work towards a goal of "being a family" in these rough and hard economic times. I used to wonder if I would ever be able to get over him, because he meant so much to me, and he was very important in my life. I can now say that yes, there is life on the other side and it's not the end of my world as I once knew it....it's just a new beginning for me.
All the tears are gone now. My heart doesn't ache so bad when I look at him, because I know that it just wasn't meant to be. I guess that I am finally accepting my past is gone. He's just not my future. We only have today and always looking for a brighter tomorrow, you can't change the past because it's done. Do you know when it's time to quit hanging onto something that just isn't going to be? I think once youv'e exhausted all avenues and there isn't anything left, you will know when it's time to let go of the past.

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