Do You Give Up Too Much To Stay In Your Relationship?

Just how much do you give up when you get into a relationship? Everyone has to give up some of yourself because you have to be able to come to a 50/50 in marriage. What happens when you have given up so much of yourself and you find your mate has cheated on you? Do you still give up your all, your everything to just stay in the marriage/relationship? How far will you go to make things work? First of all, I did it. I gave up so much just so we could try and be a family....however, I was only looking at it one way. I wasn't looking at what I was giving up only to have him take advantage of the situation and be with another woman. I didn't sign on for that! I found ways to try and keep him from her, but it didn't work. I did silly things like following him to see where he went. I gave up my precious time to do that, but I shouldn't have....because it didn't make any difference---he did it anyways. I gave up so much of my free time to try and make him be with me. I wanted us to be a family, without the other woman interfering. However, I gave up too much of myself by trying so hard, to no avail. I have discovered that it really DOES take two to make a marriage or relationship work, and if both parties aren't willing to try, then it just doesn't work.

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