We're Done, But Now He Wants Me Back

This hasn't just happened once but a couple of times now.....we break up, and he begs me to come back to him, knowing that we haven't worked through any of our issues. He whines about my leaving him alone. He whines about being alone, without his family. We went round and round about this during the whole time he was cheating on me. He knew for a fact that I knew what was going on. He did not want to work things out with me. He only wanted to apologize and sweep things under the rug as if they never happened and we were to go on with our life, not talking about or dealing with what he had done to me, and to our family. I tried, oh boy, did I try, to work things out with him. I wanted counseling. I wanted to trust him but he just didn't want to help "us". Now that I am gone, he wants me back. Why couldn't he have wanted this while I was at home? Did he not think that I would leave? Why would I want to stay with him, knowing that he was with another woman? I loved him so dearly, but he wouldn't try. How can anybody put things back together alone? It takes two.

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