Coming up against a Brick Wall for Answers

What do you do when you come to a "stand-still"? I asked, and got no answers. Why would this man be hiding a hundred dollar bill in his truck? What was it for? He always told me that he didn't like money and that it was evil...ok?? I didn't want his spending money, because I had money of my own. I worked full time and made enough money so I didn't need his, but I did need him to help with paying the bills. We were both paying half of everything, but it always seemed like I ended up paying more than he did. Especially since I bought all the groceries too. What can you do when you are not getting any answers? I tell you, it made me so angry. I was frustrated to not get anything. Oh, well, I got alot of "I don't knows and I forgot". Hitting that brick wall was one of the hardest things about trying to talk things out. There was no talking in this case.

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