Life Has Gone On For ME, Thank Goodness

It has been years now, that my ex and I have been together, and I can promise you, that life DOES go on.  It takes a while, and yes, a long while to finally get passed what you've been through. I have done so much soul searching and trying to figure out what I never could.  I have to say after all this time that I honestly believe that "the other woman" was heartless to my then husband being married. She knew in our case and did not care. That is not always the case though.  Some "other women" don't always know about him being married. I try not to look back on what was done to me, but it's hard not to at times. Yes, my life has gone on, and now it's a really good life.....but when I see him, I still have to wonder what was wrong with him, that he had to hurt me and our family the way that he did.

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