Protecting Your Credit From Fraudulent Use

I just wonder sometimes if I didn't have any close friends or family to help me with financial questions and such after the split up....what would I have done? One very important thing  is to maintain good credit ratings. Not only does that mean starting up new credit, and maintaining your old credit but making sure it stays in good standing.  I am talking about identity theft protection as well. I know, in my situation, I had some of my ex's credit on my own report when my name wasn't even on his card. I had to keep up with it. It was not easy getting it all straightened out, but I finally did. Identity Hawk is a website that can help those who are needing help with credit, as far as showing where you might have some risk to your identity and can show you how to strenghten areas so that you don't have anyone else trying to use your name or credit.

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