Peace --Finally And Our Daughter's Graduation

I don't know why, but it just seems that alot of things have changed since the last time my ex and I broke up. Time really does heal the heart, for the most part, and there are still those certain things that I will never forget but my life is really happy now. He came to our daughter's graduation with his other woman. I did NOT feel any ill towards her or him because I was so happy that he decided to show up for her. This was something that our daughter really wanted---for him to take time out of his "always too busy" schedule and come see her walk during graduation, a very important moment in her life. To my amazement, I spoke with him just yesterday because now he's wanting pictures, which we can certainly give him, and he is also caught up with his child support. Wow, things have changed so much. Although I love the man from my past, my ex, my daughter's father, I am at peace that he is with his other woman, and I am happy with my life the way it is. Does it go entirely away (that hurt in your heart from the cheating) ? No, I think if I were to dwell on it, I would feel it more, but at this time, it's so much less. It doesn't seem to matter that much anymore and I think that's due to time. I am happy, and that is what matters.

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Surving an Affair said...

I read this post as well. It's a good place to be where you are no longer feeling the pain from your spouse having an affair.

Being to the point where you can coexist without the underlying tension makes it easier for everyone involved.

Even though my wife and I are still married technically, it's been over for many years.

I did think for a short time not long ago that we were trying to work things out but that was all turned upside down when I found out she was seeing someone else.

Either way I've come around to the fact that it's over.

I'm glad that you are feeling good about your situation though.