Does The Cheater Find Happiness?

Is it possible for the cheater to find happiness with the other person? I honestly think that while a person is cheating, they are out having fun, doing the kind of things that feels good for them.
Cheating seems to be something they want to do because they don't have to worry about the loads of laundry sitting to be washed, they don't have to worry about how many bills are piled on the table to be paid, and they don't have to worry about anything important while they are out in their "happy place". While it seems to sound great not to have to worry about "life" stuff, eventually, they will have to think about those things. A person who is cheating does not have to think about "life" while they are away from the family. But life DOES go on. As soon as one bill gets paid, it comes right back around again, waiting for the next check. When my ex husband finally moved in with his other woman, he didn't have the "fun" escape anymore, and that's because he has to face the "life" issues with now a different woman. There will always be home repairs, car repairs, dishes to do and laundry to wash, so I don't know at what point the cheater finds happiness with the other person, and maybe it's beyond my thinking, I just don't know how my ex thought that having another woman was any different than what we had, especially since we got along so well. That one's a mystery for me I guess. If anyone out there has a good answer, I would LOVE to hear it.

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Anonymous said...

From experience, no the cheater does not find happiness. I am the "wife" now. I was once his "other woman". I am not proud of that but believe me, I am paying for it. He was not married to the woman legally but they were cohabitating and they have a child together. Of course he fed me the story about the relationship being over for all practical purposes and they were living together for the child's sake. I was his woman on the side for a whole year. I finally got tired and so did "she". I told him I couldnt see him anymore. He broke up with her and we started dating.We have been married for 2 years and I dont trust him at all. If he cheated "with" me, Im sure he is cheating "on" me. I'm miserable. So when they say what goes around,comes around, it is very true.